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Repair Or Replace Your Old Phone? Here’s How To Decide

What happens when you drop your cellular phone and the screen cracks? Do you repair or replace the phone?

Many of us simply continue to limp along with a damaged screen until it becomes unusable. Eventually, we got a new phone.

Unfortunately, phones are getting more and more costly. The latest will run you in the neighbourhood of $1200 or more.

So, why don’t more people repair phones instead of throwing them away? Complicated psychology paired with our daily requirements plays a part in this pricey cycle. Click here and see the best-recommended Phone Screen Repair in Melbourne.

The Psychology Of Smartphones

Some people are a little too dependent on smart devices, however. Social media has actually triggered the FOMO generation— those who have the so-called worry of losing out. ‘I did it for the ‘gram’ is a typical refrain for individuals who do things just to be able to brag about it on social media. An entire generation is maturing wanting to be YouTubers instead of rock stars.

There’s even a rise in a psychological concern called ‘nomophobia’, which is the worry of being offline or not having your phone on youtube able to look something up or post on social media, for instance.

You might be panicking and trying to decide whether to repair it or put out the money for a new device if your phone is broken and you don’t have insurance. Here are some things to consider prior to you making your choice.

The Expense Of Repair Vs. Cost Of Replacement

If replacing the phone is going to cost $800 and repairing it will only cost $300 then a repair might be your best option. If the cost of repair is more than the value of your phone, it might be time to replace it.

Even if the expense of repair vs. replacement appears like a simple decision at first glimpse, you must still keep the below factors to consider in mind when making your decision.

How Old Is The Phone?

If you spend hundreds of dollars repairing your phone only to have the software become out of date within the year, that’s going to seem like money down the drain. If your phone has had three or more repairs done, it might be time to put it out to pasture.

Does A New Gadget In Fact Mean A Much Better Device?

The answer to that question might seem very uncomplicated: “of course, change it with a brand-new better one”. But things are not that easy sadly. The common misconception that suggests that new is constantly better is not true. Some new devices may be of larger screens which you do not like or heavier than older versions. 

Possibly a brand-new device drains more battery than the old one which is important to your daily use then makes you frustrated all the time. Maybe you got used to your old device and it would be tough to start handling a brand-new device. There are many other examples which lead to the same conclusion: new is not always better.

Time Factor To Consider

Inspect just how much time it would take to repair your screen. Then believe how much time it would take you to set up a brand-new gadget, setting up all your apps and keeping up all your settings. If the repair is a quick one that can be done on the spot while you wait for thirty minutes approximately, then it is most likely more efficient to go on and repair it.

In general, our opinion is that repairing your device is more efficient and money-saving. For the money part, most common fixes are way cheaper than replacing the device or purchasing a new one.

Watch Out For Refurbs And Extended Warranties

Before you decide to repair or replace, make sure you’re not quitting rights to future repair work or customer service when you make your choice. In some cases, getting a replacement from a company instead of fixing your old gadget indicates that you’ll get a refurbished variation and even a used one. 

Obviously, “reconditioned” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In a lot of cases, refurbs are a better offer than new and come with full-service warranties and other securities that you won’t manage fixing your old tech. Simply make certain you’re buying from a trustworthy company. Refurbs offered in the place of repairs may not come with the same warranty or purchase protection that your original item did. Make certain to ask.

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