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Ultimate Tips On Choosing The Reliable Wedding Vendors

Your vendors are the specialists who will bring your wedding vision to fruition– but with numerous various choices readily available, it can be tough to know where to even start. 

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Here are the top tips on choosing your wedding vendors:

Initially, Prioritize Your Wants And Needs

Decide what’s crucial to you and your fiancé: Is it the location, flowers, photography, videography, music, food, or possibly a combination of those? As soon as you limit your leading three priorities, you can allocate your budget properly and discover the ideal vendors.

Benefit From Social Network

Social media can be an incredibly important tool when it comes to selecting your suppliers. When you have actually found a few vendors that you like in a particular category, interview each one to see who has the finest worth for the cash.

Prioritise Your Secret Suppliers

Now that the user details have been secured, it’s time to start curating your wedding event group. So where should you start?

Start by making a top priority list of any essential suppliers who need to be secured quicker instead of later on. Remember, you don’t need to book all of your wedding event providers at the same time. The most in-demand providers that usually reserve out initially include photographers, celebrants and wedding planners, so consider researching these suppliers first.

Beware Of “Too Good to be Real” Packages/Prices

If a vendor is only charging $600 while everyone else is charging $1,200, there’s probably a good reason why. Look for vendors at a fair market price and consider the whole picture before you commit.

Working With Your Supplier

Be considerate of your providers’ time. You are just planning one wedding but they will be dealing with many more. Let them know of all your plans and inform them of any significant changes that might affect them.

Consult them on how long they need to do their job leading up to the day and on the day itself and create a timeline so everyone is clear on your expectations and the schedule of events. , if you hire a wedding planner they will take care of this for you.

Lastly, if after your big day you’re truly pleased with everything they did for you, do put in the time to send them a little thank you. An email accompanied with a few pictures of their work or a handwritten note always means a lot and is appreciated more than you understand.

Do Your Research With Your Fiancé And Set A Ballpark Spending Plan Beforehand.

Set your budget and the number of guests first so that you don’t fall in love with a venue or vendors that are out of your price range or can’t accommodate the size of your group. 

You don’t want to put yourselves in an awkward situation where one of you wants to book but the other is concerned about cash flow, and you’re arguing about it in front of the wedding planner, DJ, or whomever.

Ask Other Suppliers For Referrals

Having a hard time finding vendors? If you’ve hired a trusted vendor already but are working on building the rest of your team, then ask them for recommendations!

Your place might also have a list of favoured suppliers that have experience operating in their space and will do a great job.

Consider Your Requirements

As you start limiting your provider short-list, you’ll likewise want to think of exactly what you’re trying to find in each supplier.

Start by making a list of requirements for each supplier, and outlining your particular needs and wants. For instance, perhaps you want a professional photographer that specialises in honest, documentary-style images, or a wedding planner that has previous experience at your venue. Knowing your priorities for each provider will help you improve your research study and make the process much quicker and easier.

Send A Query

If you are sending an enquiry to ensure you include the following info:

  • Your name (and the name of your partner).
  • Your contact details (if you are sending an enquiry via their site).
  • The date of your wedding.
  • The wedding event venue( s)/ area.
  • The service and/or item you need i.e. if you are looking for a Wedding event Organizer do you want them to prepare your entire wedding, parts of your wedding or assist with on the day coordination?
  • A quick introduction to your wedding day!

In regards to the enquiry itself you will require to ask the following questions:

  • Schedule.
  • Cost/ packages and optional extras.
  • Deposit and payment terms.
  • Terms.
  • Reserving procedure.

Meet With The Vendors In Person

When you meet with vendors face-to-face, you can get a feel for their demeanour in order to be reassured you are choosing wisely. It’s a great idea to go prepared with a list of questions that you would like answered to make sure the details of your wedding turn out exactly how you envision.


This is a must-have for any vendor. It also commits the vendor to provide services for your wedding day.


Similar to referrals, evaluations on Yelp or other open review platforms can give you a better idea on the individual experience of others working with a specific vendor. Typically, people will evaluate a vendor if they have had a wonderful experience or a horrible experience. Review the evaluations to get a sense if the vendor is someone you can rely on.

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