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What To Store In Your Garage And What Not To?


Aside from your vehicle, you might be uncertain about what’s appropriate to store in a garage. Garages are excellent to extend the storage area of your home, but not every house product is fit for garage storage. 

Here are some standards on what to keep in the garage and what to keep somewhere else if you’re wondering how to best utilize the extra space your garage supplies.

What Things Can You Shop In Your Garage?

If your household resembles mine, storage space in the house is treasured realty. You do not want to invest the cash on a storage unit, but you require somewhere to keep all the stuff your family gathers.

Sports Devices

Tennis rackets

Sports devices, consisting of tennis rackets, body pads, helmets, hockey sticks, and balls, can all be pulled out of the closets and packed into cabinets in the garage. 

A pegboard inside the cabinets, or simply beside it, will save rackets and game sticks safely, while balls can be stored in net laundry bags and tucked into the cabinets.


Ni-Cad batteries are great to store in an unheated garage. As pointed out above, if you reside in an extremely chilly climate, bring in your cordless tool’s lithium batteries or their life-span will be reduced.

Find a drawer to keep them in within if we are talking AAA batteries and things. It’s a lot easier when you require brand-new batteries for the remote.

Car Supplies

It’s logical to keep products you utilize for your cars and truck, consisting of wiper fluid and tire inflators, in your garage. If you have the area, hang large items like roofing system racks on the wall or ceiling of your garage.

Gardening Tools And Accessories

The majority of tools used in gardening and for working in the backyard are safe to store in your garage. This includes items like flower pots, gardening soil, manure, fertilizers, shovels, and equipment like mower and weed whackers.

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What things shouldn’t I store in my garage?


If the valve leakages, lp gas can seep into the garage, producing both an asphyxiation threat and a fire risk. As soon as lp fills the garage, a mere spark or a pilot light can fire up the gas and send your home up in smoke.


It’s highly advised that canned food and dry packaged foods be kept somewhere besides the garage. Direct exposure to humidity and both cold and hot temperatures will significantly shorten the shelf life of these items.

High temperatures can trigger canned products to spoil or become rancid. Canned foods that freeze and after that thaw out a process that will take place repeatedly over the course of winter will likewise end up being inedible gradually.

Canned Goods

I wouldn’t store canned food in your garage unless it is 68 degrees year-round there. Temperature levels of 85+ can make it go bad quickly.

A Refrigerator Or Freezer

You may want to think about putting it in a climate-controlled location if you have a 2nd fridge or chest freezer running in your garage.

Severe heat or cold environments can trigger these devices to work overtime to keep their contents at the ideal temperature. And even with more recent energy-efficient devices, you may see the extra costs on your hydro costs.

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